Are McNees knives really made in the US?

We are proud to make McNees knives at our small (and growing) shop in Vernon, Alabama. All of our major knife parts are sourced from and/or made by other American-based small businesses and entrepreneurs. We are committed to keeping the manufacture of top-quality products right here in the U.S. and to supporting others that share the same passion for American business.

Check out this video for more.

What knife steels are used by McNees Knives?

Our PM Mac 2 line of folding knives is currently being produced exclusively in CPM Magnacut, an exceptional knife steel that provides a superb balance of toughness, corrosion resistance, and ease of maintenance. Different McNees knives are made using Nitro-V or other high-quality knife steels.

Learn more about Magnacut here on the Knife Steel Nerds website.

What if the McNees knife I want is not available?

Our most popular models tend to sell out quickly on our website and at authorized dealers. Specific configurations, including the tanto blade shape, are currently in very high demand, and we are continuing to increase production capacity. Batches of the PM Mac 2 in various configurations are typically posted on our website at random times and shipped to different knife dealers every week. Be sure to follow us and our partners on social media for updates about when new knives will be dropping. We also share updates regularly through the McNees Knives email newsletter.

Can you tell me exactly when you will drop new knives?

Now where’s the fun in that? Seriously, we do our best to give a general idea on social media and through our McNees Knives email newsletter, but we have started posting knives for sale more randomly instead of announcing specific times. We hope that approach will give different folks a better opportunity to find and purchase our knives.

What if I want to customize or modify my McNees knife?

We have a variety of options to personalize your McNees Knives products, including matching anodized titanium hardware, several different clips, some really cool graphical and patterned scales, and backspacer designs that complement the knives we offer. We encourage you to disassemble your knives for maintenance and customization using our authorized products. While you are also welcome to make other modifications (it's your knife, after all!), please be aware that our warranty does not cover after-market modifications.

Check out our Warranty page for more information.

Will past models of McNees custom knives be turned into production knives?

Yes, we definitely want to make machined versions of some of our other custom knife models in the future! Be sure to follow us on social media or sign up for the McNees Knives email newsletter so you’ll be among the first to hear any updates.


Could there be an issue with my McNees Knives product?

Absolutely! We're human, and no matter how hard we try to put out a perfect product every time, occasionally we miss that mark. Out of the thousands of knives and products we produce annually, a handful end up having the same types of issues you might encounter with any knife - a lockup or detent that doesn't seem quite quite right, a blemish that we didn't notice, or a small chip in a blade that got by us. You know the types of things that can happen.

We do ask one favor - please don't post about potential issues on social media, especially on our business page. All public posts and questions do is encourage anyone who ever experienced any type of issue to pile on, and that undermines our team's efforts and the great products and service we have worked so hard to build a reputation for over the years.

If you think you have an issue, just reach out to us directly using this Service Request form, and we'll be happy to look into it for you and make it right. We respect that you pay your hard-earned money for our products, and it's our job to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

How do I request service or make a warranty claim on my McNees Knives product?

If you think there might be an issue with a McNees Knives product or you need to send one in for service, please complete this Service Request form on our website to contact us directly before sending anything. We'll take it from there and get back to you with details and next steps. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible service and will be happy to help you!

Jonathan McNees

How long has Jonathan been making knives?

McNees Knives was established in 2008, with Jonathan getting his start making custom knives on a few pieces of cobbled-together equipment. Since that time, he has made hundreds of custom folding knives and fixed blades, as well as developing several very popular models of machined knives that are hand finished in his Alabama shop. Those can be found under the Performance Machined (PM) line.

Does Jonathan still make custom knives?

Jonathan stopped making full custom knives around 2020 to spend more time developing and increasing the production of his new PM Mac 2 and other models of small batch production knives, including folders and fixed blades.

Do you have another question?

Check out the Knife Care and Tips & Tricks pages, or feel free to message us using the Contact or Service Request forms.