Knife Care


Current models of the McNees Knives PM Mac 2 use CPM MagnaCut. It is one of the best steels on the market today, with an exceptional balance of edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. Learn more on the website.

Other McNees knives, and some of our previous models, use steels such as CTS-XHP, CPM-20CV, CPM-S45VN, Nitro-V, or AEB-L. CPM-154 and CPM-20CV were also used on many older custom knives.

While corrosion is not as much of a concern with CPM MagnaCut as it can be with many other knife steels, we recommend the same basic care and maintenance for your McNees folder or fixed blade that you would apply to any high-quality knife. 

  • Dry knives as soon as possible after they are used in wet environments or exposed to potentially corrosive substances.
  • Disassemble and clean knives as needed with warm water and mild soap and/or wipe them down with a non-abrasive substance such as isopropyl alcohol. Oil blades as needed after cleaning. (Maintenance kits are available here.)
  • Consider additional protection, such as a quality blade wax, especially for knives that are regularly used in harsh environments. Here is our own blade wax formula, made with high-quality, natural ingredients.


McNees Knives uses high-quality 6AL-4V titanium for the handle scales on most of our current folding knives. Extremely durable, titanium requires little to no maintenance other than regular cleaning to ensure great performance.

McNees fixed blade handles and some of our older knife handles are made from a variety of materials. Our most common choices are G-10 or Micarta, composite materials that can be used in adverse conditions with minimal care.


Stainless steel hardware, caged bearings, and a ceramic detent ball round out the components on our current McNees Knives folders. Titanium hardware is also available to purchase separately.

While the bearings we use generally run great when dry, performance may be enhanced with the occasional application of quality knife oil, which can be found in the McNees Knives store.