McNees Knives Launches New Website, Web and Email Addresses
March 2024

McNees Knives Launches New Website, Web and Email Addresses

After several years using our previous website, it's time for a change.

McNees Knives is excited to roll out a brand new website with quite a few improvements:

  • Quicker loading times and navigation
  • Detailed search and filtering for in-stock products
  • Robust e-commerce capabilities

We believe these enhancements will provide a better customer experience and stronger infrastructure in the short term as we do more product drops, and in the long term as we position for continued growth. 

At the same time, McNees Knives has introduced a new domain for its website and email,, which better reflects our transition in recent years from custom knives to hand-finished, semi-custom knives and other EDC products.

The first phase of the website rollout includes basic functions, with more payment options and other features planned over the coming weeks and months. As always, we will keep you updated about what's next, so remember to follow us on social media and check back here for the latest!