Introducing the Gen 2 McNees Knives Website
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Introducing the Gen 2 McNees Knives Website

What’s up, Knife Freaks?!? Within the last month or so, we introduced the Mac 2 Gen 2, and now it's time for Gen 2 of our McNees website!

The previous site served us (and you) well for a bunch of years, but a lot of things have changed and it was time to move on. McNees Knives has brought many of our production processes in-house, honed those processes, increased our capacity, introduced new models, significantly expanded our online store, and seen demand for our knives and other products grow steadily. 

Faced with all of those changes, and quite a few challenges to overcome along the way, we realized it was time for a new website that will better position us for the future.

With that in mind, this expanded website features a menu that is easier to navigate. It is built on a different e-commerce platform that offers additional payment and processing methods and better options for you when you set up an account with us. We also expect it to offer more capacity and hopefully less glitchiness when we have a ton of web traffic during product drops.

At the same time the website rolls out, we are introducing a new web address - is now!

Since Jonathan stopped making full custom knives a few years ago, the old URL no longer fits what we are doing at McNees Knives. The new address better reflects our current work, as well as our ambitions and plans for the future. 

We have updated our email with the new address too, so be sure to make the change in your contacts and use this new version when you reach out to us with any questions or feedback -

We’re very proud of everything the McNees Knives team has done to help grow our small business from a one-man operation in 2008 to where we are today. Our team works hard to keep up with that growth and provide you with the best knives and knife products every day. 

But the people who deserve the most appreciation of all are you - our amazing customers! We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support. Thank you, and please let us know what you think about the new 

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Mar 25, 2024

New site looks great and seems like it fits with what you are doing. Quality all the way. You’re the best!

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