USA Commitment

Stand with us.

Not all knife brands are the same.

At McNees Knives, our knives don’t “arrive.” We don’t get a big box of knives or parts from some other country and start assembling and shipping them to dealers. 

We’re in the shop every day busting our asses to learn how to build the best knives and EDC products we can from the best American-sourced materials we can find.

And when we partner with other businesses for bags, pouches, apparel, and more that will wear the McNees name, we work hard to make sure they share the same commitment.

We are real American workers - getting paid for an honest day's work, helping create jobs and support other small businesses, and spending money in our communities.

Some people will try to tell you that you “have” to have your products made somewhere else. It’s not true. It’s just harder and slower.

We’re proof that it can be started from nothing and done.

Buy whatever knives and EDC tools you like, but just remember that not all brands are the same. Take time to stop and think about what you want to support.